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Like any proxy software, Hysteria consists of a server and a client. Our precompiled executables includes both modes on all platforms. You can download our latest releases using one of the following options:

What build should I choose?

Files are named using the format hysteria-[platform]-[arch] (darwin refers to macOS).

For Windows/Linux PCs and servers, the most common architecture is amd64, also known as x86-64. A special build for amd64 processors with AVX support is available as amd64-avx. Most modern processors should support AVX, so we recommend trying this version first, and switching to the non-AVX version only if you run into problems.

For Macs with the M1 chip or newer, use the arm64 version. Older Macs should use the amd64 version.

File OS Arch Note
hysteria-windows-amd64.exe Windows x86-64
hysteria-windows-amd64-avx.exe Windows x86-64 Requires AVX
hysteria-windows-386.exe Windows x86
hysteria-windows-arm64.exe Windows ARM64
hysteria-darwin-amd64 macOS x86-64
hysteria-darwin-amd64-avx macOS x86-64 Requires AVX
hysteria-darwin-arm64 macOS ARM64 M1 or newer
hysteria-linux-amd64 Linux x86-64
hysteria-linux-amd64-avx Linux x86-64 Requires AVX
hysteria-linux-386 Linux x86
hysteria-linux-arm Linux ARMv7
hysteria-linux-armv5 Linux ARMv5
hysteria-linux-arm64 Linux ARM64
hysteria-linux-s390x Linux s390x
hysteria-linux-mipsle Linux MIPS Little Endian
hysteria-linux-mipsle-sf Linux MIPS Little Endian, Soft Float
hysteria-android-amd64 Android x86-64
hysteria-android-386 Android x86
hysteria-android-armv7 Android ARMv7
hysteria-android-arm64 Android ARM64
hysteria-freebsd-amd64 FreeBSD x86-64
hysteria-freebsd-amd64-avx FreeBSD x86-64 Requires AVX
hysteria-freebsd-386 FreeBSD x86
hysteria-freebsd-arm FreeBSD ARMv7
hysteria-freebsd-arm64 FreeBSD ARM64

Deployment script for Linux servers

We provide a bash script that automatically downloads the latest version of Hysteria and configures a systemd service on common Linux distributions.

Install or update to the latest version:

bash <(curl -fsSL

Install or update to a specific version (skips version check):

bash <(curl -fsSL --version v2.0.2

Remove Hysteria:

bash <(curl -fsSL --remove

Docker images

Our official Docker images are hosted on Docker Hub:

Compose example

version: "3.9"
    image: tobyxdd/hysteria
    container_name: hysteria
    restart: always
    network_mode: "host"
      - acme:/acme
      - ./hysteria.yaml:/etc/hysteria.yaml
    command: ["server", "-c", "/etc/hysteria.yaml"]