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Like any proxy software, Hysteria consists of a server and a client. Our precompiled executables includes both modes on all platforms. You can download our latest releases using one of the following options:

Executable files

Click on the filename to download. All files are the latest version.

File Arch Note
hysteria-darwin-amd64 x86-64
hysteria-darwin-amd64-avx x86-64 Requires AVX
hysteria-darwin-arm64 ARM64 M1 or newer
File Arch Note
hysteria-linux-amd64 x86-64
hysteria-linux-amd64-avx x86-64 Requires AVX
hysteria-linux-386 x86
hysteria-linux-arm ARMv7
hysteria-linux-armv5 ARMv5
hysteria-linux-arm64 ARM64
hysteria-linux-s390x s390x
hysteria-linux-mipsle MIPS Little Endian
hysteria-linux-mipsle-sf MIPS Little Endian, Soft Float
hysteria-linux-riscv64 RISC-V 64

Note: These files are not Android app (APK) but Linux ELF executables built with NDK. If you don't know how to use them, please use 3rd-party apps instead.

File Arch Note
hysteria-android-amd64 x86-64
hysteria-android-386 x86
hysteria-android-armv7 ARMv7
hysteria-android-arm64 ARM64

Deployment script for Linux servers

We provide a bash script that automatically downloads the latest version of Hysteria and configures a systemd service on common Linux distributions.

bash <(curl -fsSL

For more help on this script, see Server Installation Script.

Docker images

Docker Hub:

Compose example

version: "3.9"
    image: tobyxdd/hysteria
    container_name: hysteria
    restart: always
    network_mode: "host"
      - acme:/acme
      - ./hysteria.yaml:/etc/hysteria.yaml
    command: ["server", "-c", "/etc/hysteria.yaml"]