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How to build Hysteria

Hysteria has its own Python-based build system called "Hyperbole". To use Hyperbole, you will need the following requirements:

  • Python 3
  • Go toolchain
  • Git

Assume that you have cloned the Hysteria repository. Go to the repository's root directory and run one of the following commands:

python build # (1)!
# or
python build -r # (2)!
# or
python build -p # (3)!
  1. This will build the debug version for your current platform.
  2. This will build the release version for your current platform.
  3. This will build the debug version with pprof support for your current platform.

To build for other platforms, use the HY_APP_PLATFORMS environment variable:

export HY_APP_PLATFORMS="linux/amd64,windows/amd64,darwin/amd64"

NOTE: Hyperbole is an internal tool and may change frequently. Read the source code for all available options and other information.

For contributors

Make sure you have gofumpt installed and run the following commands before committing:

python format
python tidy

If you changed any interface that has a mock, install mockery and run the following command before committing:

python mockgen

You should also at least test the modules you've changed:

python test # (1)!
# or
python test core # (2)!
  1. This will run all tests.
  2. This will run tests for the core module only.

NOTE: Some tests also require Python 3 and even some third-party packages. If you encounter errors, install them and try again.