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Hysteria is an open source project born out of a passion to bring value to the community - especially those living behind walls of censorship. If you share our belief in the cause and are willing to provide financial support, your contribution will play an important role in sustaining and growing this project.

We are willing to list anyone who has donated more than $10 as an official sponsor in the Hall of Fame below. After donating, send an email to with your name and optionally a link and description you would like to display.



Hall of Fame

The rankings are random and change with each refresh.

  • Aperture Internet Laboratory - dedicated to developing free software, conducting research, and building infrastructure to facilitate and enhance the free exchange of information and communication
  • 狗狗加速 - high-performance overseas VPN, free trial, unlock streaming services/ChatGPT, the world's first to support Hysteria, currently fully supporting Hysteria 2
  • Asahi (Individual Donor)
  • modimobeikete (Individual Donor)
  • 洋葱游戏盾 - Security products based on modern anti-censorship protocols, inspired by Hysteria 2's anti-censorship designs and optimizations for unstable networks
  • PlayerCatboy (Individual Donor)
  • Nachoneko - High-speed proxy service, unlock streaming/ChatGPT, full support for the Hysteria2 protocol and various clients
  • Easton Tech (Individual Donor) - Be the brightest spark in a dark night
  • ZT239 (Individual Donor)
  • 棜先生 (Individual Donor)
  • Integral (Individual Donor)
  • TekLan Hosting - UK web hosting company with global locations

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