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This release contains important fixes and we strongly encourage everyone to upgrade.

  • [Important] Fixed the problem where when using BBR (either the client doesn't set bandwidth or the server has ignoreClientBandwidth enabled), due to a bug in the BBR implementation, it could not accurately determine the bandwidth and send packets much faster than the limit.
  • Fixed the problem where ZeroSSL couldn't acquire certificates due to missing EAB.


  • Fixed connection issues on some devices due to lack of GSO support
  • Added HTTP/HTTPS (TCP) masquerade servers
  • Added Android builds


  • Added TCP redirect mode
  • Log HTTP requests handled by masquerade (debug level)
  • Added environment variable HYSTERIA_ACME_DIR to control ACME data directory location


This is the first stable release of Hysteria 2. It's almost a complete rewrite of the original Hysteria, with a new protocol, new features, and various improvements.