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3rd-party apps

We welcome and actively work with third-party proxy app developers to integrate Hysteria support into their projects. Below is a list of projects that support the Hysteria 2 protocol:

Please note that Hysteria 2 is quite new. While there are many projects that support Hysteria, many of them refer to the older 1.x version. The protocols between Hysteria 1.x and Hysteria 2 are incompatible, so make sure you are using a client that is specifically compatible with Hysteria 2 when connecting to a Hysteria 2 server.

Name Description Platforms Modes
sing-box A universal proxy platform (supports Hysteria 2 since 1.5.0-beta.2) Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS client, server
Clash.Meta A rule-based tunnel in Go (supports Hysteria 2 since v1.16.0) Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS client
Furious A PySide6-based cross platform GUI client that launches your beloved GFW to outer space. (supports Hysteria 2 since 0.2.6) Windows, Linux, macOS client
NekoBox for Android Universal proxy toolchain for Android (supports Hysteria 2 since 1.2.4) Android client
Shadowrocket Rule based proxy utility client for iPhone/iPad (supports Hysteria 2 since 2.2.35) iOS client

We don't control these third-party implementations. They may or may not have the latest features or fixes from our official releases, and may have their own bugs. If you encounter problems, please contact the developers of the respective projects directly.

If you are a developer whose project supports Hysteria, or if you are a user who has found a project with Hysteria support that isn't listed here, please contact us to get it listed.