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Speed Test

Hysteria (since 2.3.0) has a built-in speed test tool that allows a client to test both download and upload speed with a server, given that the server has enabled speed test support in its configuration.

./hysteria-linux-amd64-avx speedtest
./hysteria-linux-amd64-avx speedtest -c whatever.yaml

Note: Speed test follows the bandwidth settings you have in the config just like the normal proxy mode. It will not probe the maximum bandwidth for you if you are using Brutal congestion control.

By default, it tests both download and upload by sending 100 MB in each direction. You can customize this behavior with the following flags:

  hysteria speedtest [flags]

      --data-size uint32   Data size for download and upload tests (default 104857600)
  -h, --help               help for speedtest
      --skip-download      Skip download test
      --skip-upload        Skip upload test
      --use-bytes          Use bytes per second instead of bits per second

Speed test connections are handled internally by the server and thus aren't affected by things like ACL and outbounds. However, traffic generated by speed tests will still be counted in the traffic statistics for that user.